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Aluminum & Steel Brushing

Brushed aluminum is a modern architectural building material. It goes through a process of brushing where the metal is polished to a unidirectional satin finish.

Black Anodizing

Black Anodizing is a process through which the surface of an anodized metal is dyed black, Before the sealing stage of anodizing.

Black / White Matte Anodizing

Black or White Matte anodizing is a process that creates a matte, frosted, non-reflective black appearance on wrought aluminum alloys.

Bright Anodizing

Bright Anodizing is an electrochemical process used to make the appearance of Aluminium glossier.

Color Anodizing

Color anodizing is a process that allows the creation of an anodized layer on the material in a wide range of colors.

Chromodizing with Black Anodizing

Forming an acid surface to improve paint adhesion on aluminum, by treatment with a solution of chromic acid.

Hard Anodizing

Hard Anodizing is a dense anodic coating of aluminum oxide applied by converting deoxidized aluminum alloy component into an oxide film.

Med. & High Phosphorus ENP

Electroless nickel plating is a process for depositing a nickel alloy from aqueous solutions onto a substrate without the use of electric current.

Thread Masking with Black or Hard Anodizing

Threading allows parts to be screwed together, and thread dimensions must be precise.

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